Affect and risk and benefit perception of individuals related to açaí, Coari County, State of Amazonas

The affect can influence health risk and benefit perceptions and consumer behavior. Açaí is widely consumed in the Amazon region. Acute Chagas disease outbreaks involving açaí have been reported. The objective of this study was to identify affect related to açaí. The relationship between affect and consumer perception of risks and benefits and socioeconomic characteristics were also studied. Data collection was performed in the city of Coari, Amazonas State, through interviews with 250 subjects. The scores of affect and perception were analyzed by the means of a 5-point response scale. Descriptive data analysis was performed with the help of XLSTAT 2011 software. The affect identified among consumers was positive. A significant positive correlation between the affect and the perceived benefit (Spearman correlation coefficient 0.207, p=0.001) was observed. No significant differences were identified between the affect and socioeconomic variables. The conception of education programs regarding açaí for the studied population should take into consideration the probable influence of the affect on benefit perception.

behavior; attitude; education; socioeconomic factors; Chagas disease

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