This erratum refers to the article:

Niche differentiation mechanisms among canopy frugivores and zoochoric trees in the northeastern extreme of the Amazon. Acta Amazonica. 50(3): 263-272. DOI:

In the above article, one of the referred species was not cited according to its latest taxonomical status.

Therefore, in the Supplementary Material, Table S1, line 3

Where it reads:

Cebus apella”:

Please read as:

Sapajus apella

The updated taxonomy follows:

Quintela, F.; da Rosa, C.A.; Feijó, A. 2020. Updated and annotated checklist of recent mammals from Brazil. Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências, 92: e20191004.

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    27 Nov 2020
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    Oct-Dec 2020
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