Utilization of natural and antropogenic habitats by anurans at one locality in Rondônia state, Brazil (Amphibia: Anura)

Paulo Sérgio BERNARDE Marcelo Nogueira de Carvalho KOKUBUM Reginaldo Assêncio MACHADO Luiz dos ANJOS About the authors

This paper presents a list of anurans species from Jaburi farm, Espigão D'Oeste Municipality, with special focus on the habitats used during the reproduction period in primary forest and pasture areas. Thirty one species were recorded for this locality from the following families: Bufonidae (3), Dendrobatidae (2), Hylidae (17), Leptodactylidae (7) and Microhylidae (2). The majority of species (24) occurred into and around the primary forest. Fourteen species were observed in breeding activity in the pasture areas, while 9 species were finded only inside primary forest.

anuran amphibians; habitats; Amazon

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