Os nomes e usos de palmeiras entre uma tribo de índios Yanomama

Anthony B. Anderson About the author


This paper presents an examination of 20 of the major palm species utilized by a tribe of Yanomama Indians, the so-called Xiriana-teri, in the north of Amazonas state, Brazil. The Indian, Brazilian, and scientific names for each species are provided. The Xiriana-teri's uses of palms are examined in detail, and it is found that they utilize palms to a far lesser degree than do many other South American tribes. To a large extent this is due to the material aspect of their culture, which is rudimentary in comparison with other forest tribes. But the author maintains that, to some extent, palms are utilized to a lesser degree by the Xiriana-teri due to past over-exploitation of economically important species in the area adjacent to the village.

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