Inventário florestal de um hectare de mata de terra firme km 30 da Estrada Manaus - Itacoatiara

Ghillean T. Prance William A. Rodrigues Marlene F. da Silva About the authors


An inventory was made of a hectare of forest on terra firme (high non-flooded ground) on clay latossol. The study area at km 30 on the Manaus-Itacoatiara highway is part of a 12 hectare ecological study in which different crops are being grown on 9 of the other hectares. Since the study area is also being used for a number of other biological projects such as dispersal, soil fauna, etc, the botanical results of our inventory are presented in some detail in a series of tables. The forest is of medium height and has a rather low timber volume per hectare. The most interesting feature is its floristic diversity with 179 species of 15 cm por more in diameter and another 56 in the understory of 5-14,9 cm in diameter, giving a total of 235 woody species on a single hectare. The commonest species by a long way is Eschweilera odora (Poepp.) Miers with 26 trees or 7,43% of the total. Second is Scleronema micranthum Ducke with 9 individuals or only 2,57% of the total. Data is also given about the occurence of latex, resin, oils and fenolics which occur in 45,14% of the trees and are thus important compounds in this forest.

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