The taxonomic study of the Abuta genus (Menispermaceae) in the State of Pará, Brazil

Julio dos Santos de Sousa Maria de Nazaré do Carmo Bastos Ely Simone Cajueiro Gurgel About the authors

Abuta is a genus taxonomically complex due overlapping of morphological character variation. This study deals with the taxonomic treatment of the Abuta genus in the Pará state. The study includes the analysis of botanical material originated from new collections and specimens from the herbaria Museum Goeldi (MG), Agronomic Institute of the North (IAN), National Institute for Research in the Amazon (INPA), Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden (RB) and New York Botanical Garden (NY). Identification key, descriptions, geographical distribution, comments, and illustrations of species are provided. In Pará the genus is represented by 11 species: A. barbata, A. brevifolia, A. candollei, A. grandifolia, A. grisebachii, A. imene, A. obovata, A. rufescens, A. sandwithiana, A. solimoesensis and A. velutina. Abuta obovata and A. velutina are new records for Pará state. The leaf venation was the main character for separating species and the secondary vegetation formation the ecosystem with the largest number of species.

Amazonia; Anomospermeae; botany; morphology; taxonomy

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