Efeito da cobertura morta sobre a produção de pimentão (Capsicum annum)

Danilo Fernandes da Silva Filho Hiroshi Noda Guido Ranzani About the authors

This experiment was designed to evaluate the effect of three mulch types, sawdust, rice huske and straw mulch, on sweet pepper (Capsicum annum L.) yield. The trial was installed on a low fertility soil classified as Red Yellow Podzolic Soil, during the period of lower precipitation. In order to evaluate the qualitative and quantitative effects of the treatments, the yelds were classified into marketable and refaste fruit by both weight and number of fault. When the mulch treatments were compared with the control, the beneficial effects of both sawdust and rice husk were evident when the yields were expressed as total weight of fruit and weight of marketable fruit.The straw mulch did not increase yield. Mulch had no effect on fruit quality. The increases in total yield of fruit weight and number due to the use of sawdust were 47% and 40%, respectively; these due to rice husk were 48% and 48%, respectively. Marketable fruit were increased 55% by weight and 48% by number for sawdust and 41% and 39%,respectively, for rice husk.

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