Contribution to the morphologic knowledge of the species of leguminosae in the state of Pará, traded as "angelim"

Gracialda Costa Ferreira Michael John Gilbert Hopkins Ricardo de S. Secco About the authors

The morphology of vegetative and reproductive structures of seven species of Leguminosae traded as "angelim" in the State of Pará were analyzed. This study sought to determine the basic differences between the species traded under the same vernacular name, in order to facilitate their taxonomic identification. A dichotomous key was developed to distinguish the species studied (Andira surinamensis, Dinizia excelsa, Hymenolobium excelsum, H. modestum, H. pulcherrimum, H. petraeum and Vatairea paraensis). The main characteristics used for separation in the field were of leaf, leaflet, bark and trunk. However, flower or fruit characters are needed to identify those species of Andira, Hymenolobium and Vatairea that lose their leaves while flowering.

Andira; Dinizia; Hymenolobium; Vatairea; timber; identification

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