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Nestling development of the tropical screech-owl ( Megascops choliba ): a successful case report from the southwestern Amazon

Desenvolvimento do ninhego em corujinha-do-mato ( Megascops choliba ): um relato de caso bem sucedido na Amazônia sul-ocidental


This study reports a successful reproductive event in Megascops choliba in eastern Acre, northern Brazil. An active M. choliba nest was monitored from the hatching of the eggs to the departure of the nestlings. Once hatched, the nestlings were weighed every two days to verify their weight gain over time. The nestlings remained in the nest for 30 days. The pattern of weight gain was similar to that found in other birds, presenting a rapid increase over the first 15 days, followed by a drastic reduction in the mean growth rate during the second half of the development period. Our observations indicate that the breeding season of M. choliba in southwestern Amazonia is similar as that reported for the species in the northern hemisphere. These are the first data on this species from this region, and contribute to the understanding of its reproductive biology within its geographic range.

birds; Strigidae; growth rate; nest; state of Acre; Brazil

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