Filamentous desmids (Conjugatophyceae) from a floodpulse black water lake in Central Amazon

A taxonomic survey regarding the filamentous desmids species was carried out made based on 109 samples collected in different phases of the hydrological cycle between the years of 2002 and 2004 in Cutiuaú lake, an black water system located in Jau National Park in the Negro river basin. A total of 15 filamentous desmids species distributed in seven genera were identified. Desmidium C. Agardh ex Ralfs, with seven species, was the genera with more species richness, being D. quadratum mentioned for first time in Amazonas State. Three Groenbladia Teiling species and one of Bambusina Kützing ex Kützing, Hyalotheca Ehrenberg ex Ralfs, Phymatodocis Nordstedt, Spondylosium Brébisson ex Kützing and Teilingia Bourrelly were registered. In relation to hydrological cycle, three taxa were registered in the low water period, six in the decreasing water period, eight in the high water period and 15, all of identified taxa, in the increasing water period.

Desmids; black water; Amazon region

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