A new species of Pithecellobiutn (MIMOSACEAE INGEAE) from Brazilian Amazonia

Rupert C. Barneby About the author


Phithecellobium prancei, related to T. simabifolium Benth. and P. spruceanum Benth., is described and figured from specimens collected on white sand savannas along rio Aracá in northern Amazonas, Brazil. Its relationships within sect. Samanea ser. Coriaceae Benth., a group due for generic segregation from Pithecellobium sens. lat., are discussed.

É descrito a espécie nova Pithecellobium prancei, perto de P. simabifolium Benth. e P. spruceanum Benth., das caatingas Amazônicas do rio Aracá, Amazonas. A espécie nova é membro da secção Samanea ser. Coriaceae Benth.

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