A new species of Sarax Simon, 1892 from the Philippines (Arachnida: Amblypygi: Charinidae)

Alessandro P.L. Giupponi Gustavo S. Miranda About the authors

A new species of the genus Sarax Simon, 1892 is described from Panay Island, Philippines. Sarax curioi sp. n. is the second species of the genus from the country and can be distinguished from the other Philippine species (Sarax brachydactylus Simon, 1892) by the sclerotized granules of the pedipalp surface, the spines of the pedipalp distitibia, the number of denticles of the chelicerae claw and the shape of the denticles of the chelicerae basal segment. Sarax newbritainensis Rahmadi and Kojima, 2010 is newly recorded from New Ireland Island, Papua New Guinea.

Biodiversity; Southeast Asia; Taxonomy; Whip spider

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