On groups of formal diffeomorphisms of several complex variables

In this note we announce some results in the study of groups of formal or germs of analytic diffeomorphisms in several complex variables. Such groups are related to the study of the transverse structure and dynamics of Holomorphic foliations, via the holonomy group notion of a foliation's leaf. For dimension one, there is a well-established dictionary relating analytic/formal classification of the group, with its algebraic properties (finiteness, commutativity, solvability, among others). Such system of equivalences also characterizes the existence of suitable integrating factors, i.e., invariant vector fields and one-forms associated to the group. Our aim is to state the basic lines of such dictionary for the case of several complex variables groups. Our results are applicable in the construction of suitable integrating factors for holomorphic foliations with singularities. We believe they are a starting point in the study of the connection between Liouvillian integration and transverse structures of holomorphic foliations with singularities in the case of arbitrary codimension. The results in this note are derived from the PhD thesis "Grupos de germes de difeomorfismos complexos em várias variáveis e formas diferenciais" of the first named author (Martelo 2010).

Formal complex diffeomorphism; infinitesimal generator; holomorphic foliation; germ of complex diffeomorphism

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