Morphosynthesis: high fidelity inorganic replica of the fibrous network of loofa sponge (Luffa cylindrica)

Italo O. Mazali Oswaldo L. Alves About the authors

High fidelity calcium carbonate and hydroxyapatite (bio) inorganic replicas of the fibrous network of the dried fruit of Luffa cylindrica are described, utilizing a facile synthetic route. The loofa sponge is a highly complex macroscopic architectural template, an inexpensive and sustainable resource. In the context of the morphosynthesis, the capability of replication of the loofa sponge opens the possibility of the use of biodiversity in obtaining new materials. We would like to emphasize that the template proposed in this paper, makes possible the preparation of inorganic replicas with a very desirable size, on the centimeter scale. This fact is innovative with respect to inorganic replicas described in the literature, which predominate at the micrometric scale, limited to the original size of the template.

morphosynthesis; biomimetic synthesis; morphology; calcite; hydroxyapatite

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