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Aspects of leaf anatomy of some species of Paepalanthus Kunth, Eriocaulaceae from Serra do Cipó - Minas Gerais

The anatomical studies in species of Paepalanthus Kunth: P.bromelioides Silv.; P. macropodus Ruhl.; P. miçrophyllus (Giull.) Kunth; P. paulinus Ruhl.; P. robustus Silv.; P. scleranthus Ruhl. and P. speciosus (Bong.) Koem., show similarity in the number and distribution of the vascular bundles. In P. robustus and, to a lesser extent, in P. speciosus, theses bundles of differing sizes occur in series, the smaller ones being closer to the adaxial epidermis. The leaves exhibit varying degrees of xeromorphy. Attention is drawn to the development of anphyvasal vascular bundles in the leaf apices.

Eriocaulaceae; Paepalanthus'; leaf anatomy; amphyvasal vascular bundle; mestomatic sheath

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