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New records of Hyphomycetes from Bahia State, Brazil

Flávia Rodrigues Barbosa Leonor Costa Maia Luís Fernando Pascholati Gusmão About the authors

Leaf litter from Clusia melchiorii Gleason and C. nemorosa G. Mey. was collected bimonthly at Serra da Jibóia, state of Bahia, from October/2005 to June/2006. The leaves were washed with tap water and maintained in a moist chamber for 30 days. The fungal structures were collected and mounted in permanent slides with PVL. Descriptions and illustrations of seven new records of Hyphomycetes from Bahia state are presented [Beltrania querna Harkn., Clonostachys compactiuscula (Sacc.) D. Hawksw. & W. Gams, Dictyosporium elegans Corda, Gyrothrix verticiclada (Goid.) S. Hughes & Piroz., Pseudobotrytis terrestris (Timonin) Subram., Sporendocladia bactrospora (W.B. Kendr.) M.J. Wingf. and Stachybotrys parvispora S. Hughes].

Atlantic rainforest; biodiversity; Clusia; conidial fungi; taxonomy

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