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Comparison of the arboreal vegetation of cerradão and cerrado in the Panga Reserve, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The survey was carried out in the Panga Ecological Reserve, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. A plot survey was used to analyze the floristic and phytosociology of arboreal species; with equal or more than 15cm of trunk girth, in a transect of 840m x 20m (1.68ha). The survey included plant communities of open cerrado and cerradão. Soil samples were collected, from 0 to 10cm depth, in 12 different plots, to define its chemical composition. The total survey included 3,137 individuals, in 107 species and 43 families. In the cerradão 25 plots (1.0ha) presented 93 species, with Qualea grandiflora, and Vochysia tucanorum showing the highest index of importance value (IVI). In 0.68ha of cerrado we found 76 species and 37 families, with Qualea grandiflora and Qualea parviflora presenting the higher IVI index. Fabaceae Vochysiaceae and Myrtaceae showed the largest number of species in the two plant communities

Savanna; seasonal forest; floristic; phytosociology; Panga Reserve

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