Seed germination of pioneer species of Tibouchina pulchra Cogn. and Tibouchina granulosa Cogn. (Mclastomataceae)

José Eduardo Zaia Massanori Takaki About the authors

Seeds of Tibouchina pulchra and T granulosa submitted to different light treatments showed light dependence of the germination process. In conditions of complete darkness and when submitted to far-red light, seeds did not germinate, demonstrating the involvement of phytochrome in the process. This conclusion was corroborated by curves of fluence response for seed germination and escape curves of phytochrome action. Seeds of both species presented the same percentage of viable seeds after twelve months storage under low temperature. Our results indicates that T pulchra and T. granulosa are pioneer species.

pioneer species; seed germination; phytochrome; Tibouchina

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