Catalogue of angiosperm pollen from Holocene sediments of the Coastal Plain, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Rodrigo Rodrigues Cancelli Paulo Alves de Souza Paulo César Pereira das Neves About the authors

This paper presents palinotaxonomic descriptions, from a pollen analysis of sediments from two cores taken from the southern Coastal Plain of Santa Catarina State (in the municipalities of Santa Rosa do Sul and São João do Sul). A basal sample from the Santa Rosa do Sul and São João do Sul had a 14C age of 7908±33 and 7817±41 yr BP for the Lower Holocene, respectively. Sixty-two types of pollen grains were described from 49 angiosperm families, which are associated with different habitats and ecological habits. This work is published in association with Part I, which comprises palinotaxonomic descriptions of fungi, cryptogams and other palynomorphs recovered from the sediments, and contributes to the identification of vegetation that occurred on the Coastal Plain of southern Santa Catarina during the Holocene. Palinotaxonomic analyses form the basis of paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental interpretations in this region of the Brazilian coast.

Pollen descriptions; Quaternary; Holocene; Coastal Plain; Santa Catarina

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