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Additional notes on taxonomy and geographic distribution of the genera Alchorneopsis Muell. Arg., Cleidion Blume and Polyandra Leal (Euphorbiaceae - Acalyphoideae)

Complementary data are presented and discussed with regard to the taxonomy and geographic distribution of the genera Alchorneopsis, Cleidion and Polyandra. Alchorneopsis is a probably monotypic genus from Central América, Colômbia, Guiana, Peru and Brazil. Cleidion, with the majority of their 25 species in the paleotropics, has only three species in Tropical America. Polyandra, a monotypic genus, is probably endemic from Brazilian Amazonia. The taxonomic relations of the genera and species are discussed and the Amazonian species are illustrated.

Taxonomy; Euphorbiaceae; Alchorneopsis; Cleidion; Polyandra; Amazonia

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