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Myxomycetes occurring on Cecropia adenopus (Cecropiaceae) in fragments of Atlantic Rainforest

Myxomycetes ocorrentes em Cecropia adenopus (Cecropiaceae) em fragmentos de Floresta Atlântica

Andrea Carla Caldas Bezerra Antonia Aurelice Aurélio Costa Laise de Holanda Cavalcanti About the authors

Cecropia adenopus (Ambay pumpwood) is a frequent native species on the edges of woods and clearings and is considered a pioneer species in re-colonized areas. Despite its distribution from Mexico to Argentina, this substrate has never been examined in detail regarding the presence of Myxomycetes. In the present study, the myxobiota associated with leaf debris of C. adenopus was investigated in two Atlantic Rainforest conservation units located in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. Five specimens and one plasmodium were obtained directly from the field and 87 were developed in 43.7% of 200 moist-chamber cultures set up separately with blades and petioles. Fifteen species were identified and illustrated. The two predominant groups were representatives of Trichiales and Physarales. Didymium columella-cavum was recorded for the second time in Brazil and in the world.

Cecropiaceae; Didymium; mycology; Neotropics; taxonomy

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