The family Bombacaceae Kunth in the state of Pernambuco - Brazil

Ana Luiza Du Bocage Margareth Ferreira de Sales About the authors

The present work is a taxonomic study on the family Bombacaceae in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil. Seven species were found , distributed in six genera: Bombacopsis retusa (Mart. & Zucc.) A. Robyns, Ceiba glaziovii (Kuntze) K. Schum., Pachira aquatica Aubl., Pseudobombax marginatum (A. St.-Hil.) A. Robyns, Pseudobombax simplicifolium A. Robyns and Quararibea turbinata (Sw.) Poir. Species, Key descriptions, examined material, illustrations and comments on the geographic distribution and habitat are presented. Bombacopsis retusa and Pseudobombax marginatum are recorded for the first time in the State of Pernambuco.

Taxonomy; Survey; Bombacaceae; Pernambuco; Brazil

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