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Bromeliaceae of the Praia do Sul State Biological Reserve restinga: community composition, abundance and similarity

André Felippe Nunes-Freitas Thereza Christina Rocha-Pessôa Luciana Cogliatti-Carvalho Carlos Frederico Duarte Rocha About the authors

The Praia do Sul State Biological Reserve (Ilha Grande, RJ) is an important remnant of Restinga habitat in Rio de Janeiro State. Restinga vegetation is not homogeneous and it is distributed in different vegetation zones, each zone having different topography, physiognomy and flora. We analyzed ecological parameters of the bromeliad community such as richness, abundance, density, biomass and variation in species composition in four vegetation zones. We sampled 150 plots of 100 m² (10×10 m), distributed in the four vegetation zones, recording the bromeliad species and their abundance, and measuring the height, dbh, and density of the trees. We tested differences in ramet abundance and vegetation complexity between the four vegetation zones with ANOVA followed by Tukey's test. We found a total of 16 bromeliad species, with different abundances and distribution patterns between the four vegetation zones, and with significant differences in abundance between species. The data indicate that the high species richness found in the Biological Reserve is related to local heterogeneity and complexity. The differences found between vegetation zones seem to be related to the vegetation structure of each zone.

Bromeliaceae; restinga; heterogeneity; Ilha Grande

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