Copaiba (Copaifera langsdorfii Desf.) seedlings and sampling population structure of gallery forest at Federal District

Angela Maria Conte Leite Antonieta Nassif Salomão About the authors

The population structure of seedlings and saplings of Copaifera langsdorffii Desf. was studied in a gallery forest in the Distrito Federal, Brazil, as an aid for definition of in situ conservation strategies for the species. Transects were made, with all adults being plotted. Seedlings were also mapped and observed for predation or desease, with high degrees of both being present, with no correlation with adults proximity. Seedling density was correlated with open areas (gaps). It was estimated that all regenerants observed were over two years old, based on two to tree years periodicity in flowering and fruiting patterns for this trees species in the study area. This suggests very low grwth rates, suggesting that in situ conversation of both adults and seedlings is a viable alternative for this species.

Copaifera langsdorffii; seedlings; saplings; population structure; gallery forest; Cerrado; Brazil

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