Blood pressure in young individuals as a cardiovascular risk marker. The Rio de Janeiro study

Erika Maria Gonçalves Campana Andréa Araújo Brandão Roberto Pozzan Maria de Fátima França Flavia Lopes Fonseca Oswaldo L. Pizzi Maria Eliane Campos Magalhães Elizabete Viana de Freitas Ayrton Pires Brandão About the authors

BACKGROUND: The study of the cardiovascular risk variables in young populations is fundamental to establish primary prevention strategies. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the blood pressure (BP), anthropometric and metabolic profile in young individuals from The Rio de Janeiro Study, followed by 17 years. METHODS: A total of 115 individuals (64 males) were evaluated at three different moments (follow-up: 212.23±16.0 months): A1 (12.97±1.48 years), A2 (21.90±1.71 years) and A3 (30.65±2.00 years) and divided in two groups: NG (n=84) with at least two normal BP measurements at the three assessments; HG (n=31) with at least two abnormal BP measurements at the three assessments. BP and body mass index (BMI) were obtained at the three assessments. Levels of glucose, triglycerides, total cholesterol and fractions were obtained at A2 and A3. Abdominal circumference (AC) was obtained only at A3. RESULTS: 1) The means of BP, BMI and AC (p<0.0001) as well as the prevalence of systemic arterial hypertension (SAH) and overweight/obesity (O/O) (p<0.003) were higher in the HG at the three assessments; 2) The means of LDL-c and glycemia (p<0.05) at A2 and the prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MS) at A3 were higher in the HG; 3) the association SAH+O/O was more prevalent in the HG, whereas the association NBP+NBMI was more prevalent in the NG (p<0.0001) at the three assessments; 4) SAH at A1 (RR=5.20 = 5.20; p<0.0007), male gender (RR=5.26 = 5.26; p<0.0019) and OO at A1 (RR=3.40 = 3.40; p<0.0278) determined an increased risk for AH at the young adult life (A3). CONCLUSION: After 17 years of follow-up, the BP of young individuals showed a significant association with the cardiovascular risk variables and the occurrence of MS at the young adult life.

blood pressure; risk factors; child; adolescent; Brazil; Rio de Janeiro

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