Accuracy of the Omron HEM-705 CP for blood pressure measurement in large epidemiologic studies

Lina M. Vera-Cala Myriam Orostegui Laura I. Valencia-Angel Nahyr López Leonelo E. Bautista About the authors

BACKGROUND: Accurate measurement of blood pressure is of utmost importance in hypertension research. In the context of epidemiologic and clinical studies, oscillometric devices offer important advantages to overcome some of the limitations of the auscultatory method. Even though their accuracy has been evaluated in multiple studies in the clinical setting, there is little evidence of their performance in large epidemiologic studies. OBJECTIVE: We evaluated the accuracy of the Omron HEM-705-CP, an automatic device for blood pressure (BP) measurement, as compared to the standard auscultatory method with a mercury sphygmomanometer in a large cohort study. METHODS: We made three auscultatory measurements, followed by two measurements with the Omron device in 1,084 subjects. Bias was estimated as the average of the two Omron minus the average of the last two auscultatory measurements, with its corresponding 95% limits of agreement (LA). RESULTS: The Omron overestimated systolic blood pressure (SBP) by 1.8 mmHg (LA:-10.1, 13.7) and underestimated diastolic blood pressure (DBP) by 1.6 mmHg (LA:-12.3, 9.2). Bias was significantly larger in men. Bias in SBP increased with age and decreased with BP level, while bias in DBP decreased with age and increased with BP level. The sensitivity and specificity of the Omron to detect hypertension were 88.2% and 98.6%, respectively. Minimum bias in the estimates of the effects of several factors resulted from the use of Omron measurements. CONCLUSION: Our results showed that the Omron HEM-705-CP could be used for measuring BP in large epidemiology studies without compromising study validity or precision.

Blood pressure; measurement equipment; clinical trials; epidemiologic studies

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