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Comparative study of jejunal and colonic alterations between gastrojejunoduodenal and gastrocoloduodenal interposition in dogs

Marilles Porto Mattos Alcino Lázaro da Silva About the authors

BACKGROUND:The intestinal interpositions are important in various operations of the digestive tract. However, they are capable to produce serious immediate and late complications. AIM: To compare clinical and surgical outcomes, as well as intestinal pathological findings, in dogs submitted to jejunum and colon interposition. METHODS: Forty male mongreal dogs were immunized and dewormed, between 36 and 72 months old and weighting from 6 to 16 kg divided into two groups of 20 (G1=gastrojejunoduodenal and G2=gastrocoloduodenal). They were anesthetized and submitted to laparotomy with jejunum and colon interposition between the gastric antrum and the duodenum. On the 120th postoperative day, a relaparotomy was performed with removal of the jejunun/colon segments for evaluation. The segments were processed using Bouin and tissue were stained with H&E for histological analysis. Clinical and surgical outcomes analyzed were weight, diarrhea, fistula, infection, suture dehiscence and incisional hernia. The pathological analysis involved neutrophilic infiltration, increase in number of goblet cells and villous and crypts hypotrophy. Mann-Whitney and Fisher Exact tests were used for groups comparisons. RESULTS: Dogs that underwent gastrocoloduodenal interposition had a higher weight loss (p<0.05) and more diarrhea (p<0.001). Clinically, controlled fistula rates were 20% in G1 and 100% in G2. Complications occurred in 20% in G1 and in all animals in G2 (p<0.001). Pathological alterations were also more prevalent in G2 (p<0.001). CONCLUSION:There is a high morbidity and complication rates involving intestine interposition and higher in G2 where colon segments were used.

Anastomosis; Interposition; Jejunum; Colon; Dogs

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