Multiprofessional electronic protocol in bariatric surgery

BACKGROUND: Obesity is a multi factorial disease. Data collection plays a fundamental role for conducting papers with high level of quality and obesity surgery lacks the means to carry out prospective studies with high reliability. Data from electronic protocols are more complete, have fewer errors, are more consistent and have a low percentage of violations in relation to paper charts. AIM: 1) To create a theoretical basis of clinical data regarding the multiprofessionalism on metabolic and bariatric surgery; 2) to computerize this basis by transforming it into electronic multi professional protocol; 3) to incorporate it into the SINPE©; 4) to provide the protocol address and their collections for viewing via the Internet using SINPE WEB©. METHOD: The creation of the theoretical background was done in Word© - later transformed into digital form to be used as electronic protocol - based on literature review of nine textbooks in morbid obesity, bariatric surgery and metabolic multi professionalism books, special books in psychology and nutrition applied to the subject. Was added systematic review of the literature based on scientific articles published over the last five years in Medline/Pubmed, Lilacs and Scielo and in theses and dissertations done with electronic protocols. Thus, 10,306 items were computerized in a hierarchical and branched containing data related to medicine, physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition applied to the subject. RESULTS: The complete protocol can be accessed to view in site CONCLUSIONS: 1) It was possible to create electronic database regarding the clinical multi professionalism on bariatric and metabolic surgery to collect standardized information; 2) it was possible to computerized the database; 3) it is incorporated into the SINPE©; 4) the electronic protocol and its collections were made available for viewing via the Internet using SINPE WEB©.

Obesity; Eletronic protocols; Medical informatics

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