Case for diagnosis. Ulcerated intradermal nevus simulating Sister Mary Joseph's nodule* * Work conducted at Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual, São Paulo (SP), Brazil.

Luísa Groba Bandeira Juliana Uchiyama Neusa Yuriko Sakai Valente Mário Cézar Pires About the authors


We report a case of a 76-year-old patient with a history of recent weight loss and ulcerated umbilical nodular lesion. Initially, we considered the diagnostic hypothesis of Sister Mary Joseph's nodule. However, histopathological evaluation revealed that it was an ulcerated intradermal nevus. We perform a brief review of umbilical nodules.

Abdominal neoplasms; Digestive system neoplasms; Nevus; Nevus, intradermal

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