Folliculitis decalvans: the use of dermatoscopy as an auxiliary tool in clinical diagnosis* * Work performed at the Hospital Naval Marcílio Dias (HNMD), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil.

Foliculite decalvante: o uso da dermatoscopia como ferramenta auxiliar no diagnóstico clínico

Mariana Rocha Fabris Clarisse Pereira Melo Daniel Fernandes Melo About the authors

Folliculitis decalvans is an inflammatory presentation of cicatrizing alopecia characterized by inflammatory perifollicular papules and pustules. It generally occurs in adult males, predominantly involving the vertex and occipital areas of the scalp. The use of dermatoscopy in hair and scalp diseases improves diagnostic accuracy. Some trichoscopic findings, such as follicular tufts, perifollicular erythema, crusts and pustules, can be observed in folliculitis decalvans. More research on the pathogenesis and treatment options of this disfiguring disease is required for improving patient management.

Dermoscopy; Hair diseases; Scalp dermatoses

Dermatoses do couro cabeludo; Dermoscopia; Doenças do cabelo

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