Case for diagnosis

Caso para diagnóstico

Sheila Viana Castelo Branco Gonçalves Neusa Yuriko Sakai Valente José Vitor de Oliveira Junior Daniele Loureiro Mangueira Paiva About the authors

Porokeratosis is a primary keratinizing disorder of unknown etiology. This disorder is characterized by the presence of centrifugally enlarging hyperkeratotic plaques, associated with the histopathological hallmark of cornoid lamellae. Genital porokeratosis is extremely rare. No more than thirty cases have been reported in the literature, including only one case of linear porokeratosis confined to the genital area. This case report describes a patient with genital linear porokeratosis, who was successfully treated with cryotherapy. Over two years of follow-up, the lesion improved and there was no evidence of recurrence or signs of malignant transformation. Nevertheless, there is a need for long-term follow-up data on recurrence and malignant transformation.

cryotherapy; genitalia; male genitalia; porokeratosis

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