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HIV-Associated facial lipoatrophy: from the advent to current knowledge

The advent of AIDS has brought new challenges to Dermatology. Antiretroviral therapy dramatically changed the morbidity and mortality associated with HIV / AIDS, but contributed to the emergence of other new situations that require adequate approach by the dermatologist. The HIV / AIDS Associated Lipodystrophy Syndrome is multifactorial in origin, but it is strongly associated with the use of antiretroviral drugs. It includes changes in body fat distribution, with or without metabolic changes. The loss of facial fat, called facial lipoatrophy, is one of the most stigmatizing signs of the syndrome. This condition, often revealing of the disease, brought back the stigma of AIDS. It is necessary that the specialists working with patients with HIV / AIDS identify these changes and seek treatment options, amongst which stands out the implant with polymethylmethacrylate, which is available for the treatment of HIV / AIDS facial lipoatrophy in the Brazilian Public Health System

Ambulatory surgical procedures; HIV; HIV-associated lipodystrophy syndrome; Polymethyl methacrylate; Therapeutics

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