Disseminated cryptococcosis with skin lesions: report of a case series* * Study conducted at Escola Paulista de Medicina, of the Universidade Federal de São Paulo (EPM-UNIFESP) - São Paulo (SP), Brazil.

Marina Zoéga Hayashida Camila Arai Seque Victor Pavan Pasin Milvia Maria Simões e Silva Enokihara Adriana Maria Porro About the authors


Cryptococcosis is a common fungal infection in immunocompromised patients, caused by genus Cryptococcus, presenting with meningitis, pneumonia, and skin lesions. Cutaneous presentation can be varied, but specifically in solid organ transplant recipients (iatrogenically immunocompromised), cryptococcosis should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of cellulitis-like lesions, since the delay in diagnosis leads to worse prognosis and fatal outcome. We report four cases of cryptococcosis with cutaneous manifestation not only for its rarity, but also to emphasize the important role of the dermatologist in the diagnosis of this disease.

Cryptococcosis; Cryptococcus neoformans; Immunosuppression; Skin manifestations; Kidney transplantation

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