Sampling: how to select participants in my research study?* * Study performed at Faculdade Meridional - Escola de Medicina (IMED) - Passo Fundo (RS), Brazil.

Jeovany Martínez-Mesa David Alejandro González-Chica Rodrigo Pereira Duquia Renan Rangel Bonamigo João Luiz Bastos About the authors



In this paper, the basic elements related to the selection of participants for a health research are discussed. Sample representativeness, sample frame, types of sampling, as well as the impact that non-respondents may have on results of a study are described. The whole discussion is supported by practical examples to facilitate the reader's understanding.


To introduce readers to issues related to sampling.

Dermatology; Epidemiology and biostatistics; Epidemiologic studies; Sample size; Sampling studies

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