Inicial management of burns: approach by dermatologists

Everton Carlos Siviero do Vale About the author

Despite continued progress obtained recently in treating the massively burned, mortality and morbidity rates remain quite high. Implementation of preventive strategies has still not managed to significantly alter the dramatic epidemiological picture of burns patients. Survivors of severe burns still carry a heavy load of physical and psychosocial sequelae, which engenders a considerable share of suffering to overcome. There is little doubt that the final prognosis of a burn essentially depends on prompt and adequate inicial management. This is why it is important for all physicians, including dermatologists, to be able to guide first aid for and manage initially a burns victim. The aim of this article is to review the pathophysiology of burns and the principles according to which a burns victim is assessed. In addition, it is discussed a single and objective way of carrying out the emergency medical care until the victim be moved to a burns unit, if needed.

burns; burns; burns; burns

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