Dermoscopy revealing a case of Tinea Nigra*

Dermatoscopia no diagnostico da Tinea Nigra

Paulo Ricardo Criado Lívia Delgado Gustavo Alonso Pereira About the authors

Dermoscopy has being used over the past twenty years as a noninvasive aid in the diagnosis of innumerable skin conditions, including infectious diseases and infestations (Entodermoscopy).Tinea nigra is a superficial phaeohyfomycosis that affects mainly the glabrous skin of palms and soles. We describe a 14 year-old girl with a three-month history of an enlarging brown patch of her hand diagnosed as Tinea Nigra following clinical and dermoscopy examination.These images emphasize the importance of dermoscopy as a diagnostic tool in the daily routine of dermatologists.

Dermatomycoses; Dermoscopy; Hand dermatoses; Skin diseases, infectious; Tinea

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