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Topical occlusive corticosteroid for the treatment of gingival manifestations of vesicobullous autoimmune diseases

Ana Carolina Fragoso Motta Marilena Chinali Komesu Márcio Fernando de Moraes Grisi Cacilda da Silva Souza Ana Maria Ferreira Roselino Dante Antonio Migliari About the authors

Management of gingival lesions of vesicobullous autoimmune diseases is one the main challenges to oral medicine, primarily because of their chronic nature. Systemic therapy is required in most severe lesions, however, whenever feasible, topic corticosteroid therapy is preferred. This article describes a technique to provide topical occlusive corticotherapy that has shown to be effective in controlling these lesions, especially in patients exclusively with gingival lesions.

Adrenal cortex hormones; Autoimmune diseases; Gingiva; Oral manifestations; Skin diseases; vesiculobullous

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