Severe Darier's disease in a psychiatric patient* * Work performed at Complexo Hospitalar Padre Bento de Guarulhos – Guarulhos (SP), Brazil.

Jeane Jeong Hoon Yang Roberta Simão Lopes Medéia Carolina Fernandes Pereira Antonio Jose Tebcherani Mário Cezar Pires About the authors


Darier’s disease is characterized by dense keratotic lesions in the seborrheic areas of the body such as scalp, forehead, nasolabial folds, trunk and inguinal region. It is a rare genodermatosis, an autosomal dominant inherited disease that may be associated with neuropsichiatric disorders. It is caused by ATPA2 gene mutation, presenting cutaneous and dermatologic expressions. Psychiatric symptoms are depression, suicidal attempts, and bipolar affective disorder. We report a case of Darier’s disease in a 48-year-old female patient presenting severe cutaneous and psychiatric manifestations.

Bipolar disorder; Darier’s disease; Genetic pleiotropy; Mental disorders

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