Pityriasis amiantacea: a study of seven cases* * Work performed at Instituto de Puericultura e Pediatria Matergão Gesteira – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (IPPMG-UFRJ) – Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil.

Gustavo Moreira Amorim Nurimar Conceição Fernandes About the authors


Pityriasis amiantacea was first described in 1832. The disease may be secondary to any skin condition that primarily affects the scalp, including seborrheic dermatitis. Its pathogenesis remains uncertain. We aim to analyze the epidemiological and clinical profiles of patients with pityriasis amiantacea to better understand treatment responses. We identified seven cases of pityriasis amiantacea and a female predominance in a sample of 63 pediatric patients with seborrheic dermatitis followed for an average of 20.4 months. We reported a mean age of 5.9 years. Five patients were female, with a mean age of 9 years. All patients were successfully treated with topic ketoconazole.

Dermatitis, seborrheic; Pityriasis; Tinea

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