Dermatological diseases of compulsory notification in Brazil

The development of a Brazilian National Surveillance System in 1975 led to a compulsory reporting of selected infectious diseases aiming to reduce the burden of these events in the country. However, shifts in the epidemiology of these diseases associated with modern life style, demand constant revision of surveillance activities. In this manuscript we present the epidemiology, trends and differential diagnosis of the following compulsory notifiable diseases in Brazil: Aids, dengue fever, hanseniasis, American tegumentary leishmaniasis, measles, rubella and congenital rubella syndrome and syphilis. Additionally, the current challenges for control and prevention of each disease are presented

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; Brazil; Dengue; Epidemiologic surveillance; Leishmaniasis; cutaneous; Leprosy; Measles; Rubella; Rubella syndrome; congenital; Syphilis

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