Accidents caused by lepidopterans (moth larvae and adult): study on the epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects

Alberto Eduardo Cox Cardoso Vidal Haddad Junior About the authors

The authors present and discuss some aspects of injuries caused by larvae of Lepidoptera (moths), emphasizing the skin manifestations and intense pain that characterize these conditions. Moreover, they present moth larvae that cause extracutaneous manifestations, such as severe coagulation disorders and ankylosing arthropathies, and dermatitis related to adult insects. The main groups of Lepidoptera that cause injuries in humans are presented as well as current therapeutic alternatives. Lepidopterism and erucism are common accidents and it is important that dermatologists be aware and able to recognize and treat this kind of poisoning.

Venomous animals; Envenomation; Lepidoptera; Moths; Insect bites and stings

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