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Lacaziosis mimicking borderline tuberculoid leprosy

Liana Hortência Miranda Tubilla Antônio Pedro Mendes Schettini Josie da Costa Eiras Claudia Zanardo Alves da Graça Maria Zeli Moreira Frota About the authors

Lacaziosis is a chronic skin infectious disease caused by the fungus Lacazia loboi, which usually results in indolent cutaneous keloid-like lesions. It was first described by Jorge Lobo, in 1931, in a patient from the Amazon region. We report a case of lacaziosis, manifested by an erythematous infiltrated plaque, causing misdiagnosis with paucibacillary leprosy, since both diseases are endemic in Amazon basin.

Leprosy, borderline; Leprosy, borderline; Mycoses; Skin diseases, infectious; Tropical medicine

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