Case for diagnosis* * Study conducted at the School of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto (FAMERP) - São José do Rio Preto (SP), Brazil.

João Roberto Antonio Larissa Cannizza Pacheco de Lucca Mariana Perez Borim Natália Cristina Pires Rossi Guilherme Bueno de Oliveira About the authors

Graham-Little-Piccardi-Lassueur Syndrome is a rare form of Lichen Planus, characterized by the presence of the triad: non-scarring hair loss in the inguinal and axillary regions and follicular spinous or disseminated acuminate papules; typical, cutaneous or mucous LP; and scarring alopecia of the scalp with or without atrophy. These features do not have to be present simultaneously.

Alopecia; Dermatitis; Lichen planus

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