Do you know this syndrome?* * Work performed at the Hospital Escola - Hospital Regional Da Asa Norte (HRAN) - Brasília (DF), Brazil.

Você conhece esta síndrome?

Alexandre Moretti de Lima Vitor Arantes Sperandio Sheila Pereira da Rocha Beatriz Medeiros de Ribeiro Carmelia Matos Santiago Reis About the authors

The hyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome, or Job's syndrome is a rare primary immunodeficiency characterized by recurrent skin abscesses, recurrent respiratory tract infections, and high levels of IgE, eosinophilia, bone and dental changes. We report the case of a fourteen-year-old male patient presenting this disease, with both typical and also some relatively sporadic manifestations. We performed a literature review on the syndrome and its associated clinical findings.

Immunoglobulins; Job's Syndrome; Molluscum contagiosum virus

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