The 80th anniversary of Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia

Bernardo Gontijo Sílvio Alencar Marques Everton Siviero do Vale


The 80th anniversary of Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia

The inaugural issue of the Annaes Brasileiros de Dermatologia e Syphilographia, the official publication of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and Syphilography, was published in January 1925. It was placed under the scientific supervision of F. Terra, A. Leitão, A. Lindenberg, A. Aleixo, U. Nonohay, A. Lutz and Werneck Machado, each of them distinguished figures in Brazilian medicine at the beginning of the twentieth century. The periodical put forward a proposal to divulge scientific papers produced in various regions of the country and deal with the prevalent nosology of the time. Special emphasis was placed on sexually transmitted diseases, cutaneous tuberculosis, hanseniasis, deep mycoses, tegumentary leishmaniasis, and pemphigus foliaceous. The Annals set out to assemble the substantial advances made in the emerging field of dermatology. The first issue opened with a "varia", i.e. a brief commentary on general matters, written by E. Rabello and titled "Did Syphilis Exist in Brazil at the Time of its Discovery (by the Portuguese)?"

From its very beginnings, then, the Brazilian Annals of Dermatology have demonstrated a commitment to seeking scientific truth, inquiring upon the social relevance of specific research as well as underscoring their own historical mission. Brazilian dermatology can therefore be proud to have the privilege of celebrating the eightieth anniversary of the Annals, which have moreover remained faithful to the tradition of the periodical's founders.

Faithfulness to that tradition has not however deterred the Annals from forging strong ties with contemporary events. The periodical has made considerable strides on its octogenarian course. This is partly how the Annals have maintained the prestige of receiving publication submissions of only the utmost scientific value.

In their bid to remain forever attentive to the aforementioned principles and with the aim of bettering the periodical, the current editorial board has implemented a number of innovations in this present volume. The cover has a new presentation to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the journal - clearer background and photographic illustration which will focus one of the papers included in each issue. New sections include "The Annals 80 Years Ago" and "Do You Know this Syndrome?". The objective of the former is to recall themes discussed in the review eighty years ago and establish grounds for comparing past times with current events. Its task is also to demonstrate how knowledge in dermatology has evolved since then. The second sub-section will feature a case report for each issue representative of a dermatological syndrome currently in the spotlight. It seeks to remind readers of common syndromes and contribute to increasing the knowledge of uncommon ones.

This issue also features the International Advisory Board member list. It is made up of renowned colleagues from different backgrounds, who will certainly contribute a lot to the growth of the periodical.

The cost of offering a bilingual edition is considerable. Due especially to the small readership actually making use of the English-language version, the editorial board has decided to eliminate the printed form of the English versions of articles, effective this issue. Nonetheless, the translations will be available online in the SciELO data base and on the website of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, through a link to the Brazilian Annals of Dermatology.

The Annals will keep giving priority to publishing papers that present different forms of scientific innovation and incorporate new technologies. A social commitment of research topics is also a priority. Papers addressing the study of tropical diseases will be especially favored.

The editorial board would like be more rigorous in the way it technically assesses submissions. We should like to streamline the submissions process for scientific papers, with the aim of reducing delays between receiving and publishing articles. Namely, we intend to return submissions as soon as possible to authors who did not meticulously fulfill the norms for submitting the original manuscript to the Brazilian Annals of Dermatology.

These and other measures are a sure way for Brazilian dermatology to see many more future dates to justifiably celebrate marking its role as a leading vehicle for scientific communication in the country.

Bernardo Gontijo

Medical Coordinator of Brazilian Annals of Dermatology

Sílvio Alencar Marques

Associate Coordinator

Everton Siviero do Vale

Associate Coordinator

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    26 May 2008
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    Feb 2005
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