Cutaneous melanoma: prospective study of 65 cases

Nurimar C. Fernandes Roberto Calmon Juan P. Maceira Tullia Cuzzi Cesar S. Claudio da Silva About the authors

BACKGROUND: Incidence and mortality of cutaneous melanoma are increasing all over the world. The data base for the Brazilian population is still inadequate. OBJECTIVES: Prospective study of 65 cases seen at University Hospital Clementino Fraga Filho, from 1993 to 2003. METHODS: Patient's age, sex, ethnic group, anatomic site, clinical histological presentation and staging were analyzed. RESULTS: The case distribution was 64.7% aged 40 to 69 years, males (49.2%) and females (50.8%), majority white (83.1%), most lesions in the trunk (35.3%), more frequently of the clinical histological superficial spreading type (63%/30.7%) and significant relationship between foot acral type in non-whites. According to American Joint Committee on Cancer 2002 system, 22 cases (33.8%) in stage IA, 14 (21.5%) melanomas in situ, and one indeterminate case. CONCLUSIONS: Primary cutaneous melanoma in the present study has a similar pattern to other published series and higher frequency of stage IA and in situ melanomas.

Prospective studies; Melanoma; Melanoma; Skin neoplasms

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