Morphometry of normal scalp hair follicles

BACKGROUND: Histological description of normal human hair follicle has scarce literature. Recognizing normal scalp follicle and its variability throughout the scalp is fundamental to study scalp disorders. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate normal scalp samples in Caucasians considering cross-section area, maximum and minimum diameters of terminal anagen follicles. METHODS: Twenty necropsies of Caucasian individuals (10M, 10F) were followed by a 4mm punch biopsy of 4 scalp areas. Transverse sections were evaluated by light microscopy. Terminal anagen follicle cross-section area, maximum and minimum diameters were determined by computer image analysis. Results were compared between sexes and scalp areas. RESULTS: Follicular area and maximum and minimum diameters are presented. CONCLUSION: No statistically significant differences were observed in follicular maximum diameter and area in several scalp regions. However, the morphometric evaluation of terminal anagen follicles demonstrated greater dimensions within the male group.

Alopecia; Hair; Hair follicle; Histology

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