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Determinant factors associated with weight loss in adults on diet interventions

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the determinants for weight loss (> 5%) resulting from outpatient individual appointments. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: A retrospective cohort study was conduct in 318 overweight/obese patients seeking individual care to lose weight. RESULTS: Fifteen percent of the patients did not lose weight; 35.1% had lost < 5%; 35.4% had lost between 5 and 10%; and 13.9% had lost > 10%. Patients who lost > 5% body weight (-7.6 ± 3.3 kg, n = 156) had a greater number of visits at a shorter interval, and greater frequency of visits with a registered dietitian and multidisciplinary care. This group had a lower prescription of anti-obesity drugs and their total calorie intake was higher than the other patients. In multivariate Cox regression, only the interval between appointments and the total number of visits remained inversely associated with weight loss. CONCLUSIONS: The determinants of > 5% weight loss were fewer visits with a shorter interval between appointments.

Determinants; weight loss; obesity

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