Comparison of color Doppler-evaluated thyroid nodule classifications as described by Lagalla and Chammas

Marcelo Antonio Serra de Faria Luiz Augusto Casulari

ABSTRACTOBJECTIVE: Evaluate the vascularization classification of thyroid nodules with color Doppler ultrasonography described by Lagalla and cols. and Chammas and cols. METHODS: A total of 265 thyroid nodules were studied with color Doppler and citopathology. RESULTS: In the diagnosis of nodules with malignant citopathology, Chammas's IV and V patterns showed sensibility of 16.7%, specificity of 97.6%, positive predictive value of 33.3%, negative predictive value of 94.1% and accuracy of 92.1%; Lagalla's III pattern showed sensibility of 44.4%, specificity of 19.4%, positive predictive value of 3.9%, negative predictive value of 82.8% and accuracy of 21.1%. CONCLUSION: Lagalla's classification showed low sensibility and accuracy in the detection of nodules with malignant citopathology, while Chammas's classification showed high accuracy, however, low sensibility. Color Doppler was also insufficient to substitute the small needle punction and the citopathologic study in the diagnosis of malignant thyroid nodules.

Thyroid diseases; ultrasonography; Doppler, color; thyroid neoplasms; diagnosis

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