Plasmapheresis before thyroidectomy in a patient with thyrotoxicosis and hepatotoxicity by propylthiouracil: case report

Thyrotoxicosis is a rare clinical syndrome resulting from an exacerbation of hyperthyroidism, with various etiology and triggering factors. Its approach may be accomplished by blocking the synthesis of hormones, their secretion and/or inhibition of their peripheral action, besides treating the triggering factors. However, in refractory cases, plasmapheresis appears as an important option for treatment. We report a patient with Graves' disease who was admitted with thyrotoxicosis and signs of severe hepatotoxicity induced by propylthiouracil. Plasmapheresis was indicated, with the aim of rapidly reducing thyroid hormones in the preparation for total thyroidectomy.

Thyrotoxicosis; plasmapheresis; hepatotoxicity; thyroidectomy

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